Since we provide only genuine manufacturer’s parts, there is absolutely no difference between your car dealer and TOIRO both in terms of level of service and the high quality parts. It is very important to keep your car in its best condition at any given point in time. TOIRO only believes in helping you maintain your car for its longevity. This in turn results in its optimized resale value. Needless to say, our workshop facility is fully equipped with the right tools and technology that is in line with your dealers.

Is there a difference in the level of service provided for vehicles that are still under the manufacturer’s warranty and not?

As you already know by now, we offer a very wide range of services along with repairs and maintenance for all types of vehicles, be it any model or make. If your vehicle is still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, you can rest assured since our repair work is always with genuine manufacturer parts exactly similar to your dealer. Our technicians will take care of your vehicle and without breaking your manufacturer’s warranty, that too at a commendable price.

Our vehicle services and support extends to all types of vehicles from domestic to imported. Plus we also excel in light trucks and fleet vehicles that are of the following make: