air-filteration Toiro Transmission Services

In order for your engine to perform at its best, TOIRO also performs lift inspection to diagnose some of the key elements such as: Neutral Switch, Engine RPM, Throttle Linkage, Modulators, Transmission Mounts, U-Joints, Fluid Retention, Electronic Controls and many more that are parts of your the vehicle’s transmission system.

Similar to other parts of your car being  serviced, your transmission also needs maintenance to ensure a long life and avoid transmission problems.

TOIRO performs a complete diagnosis of your vehicle’s  transmission system, its performance and general operation.

Our Services Includes

Automatic Transmission Drain and Fill

This involves draining the all the old transmission fluid, followed by reinstalling transmission fill/drain plug. Finally, the new automatic transmission fluid is refilled to the right level

Automatic Transmission Filter Replacement

This part is where we remove the transmission pan to take the old transmission filter out and replace it with a new one. The task is completed by installing a new pan gasket and then the pan to prevent any leakages. Obviously, the transmission fluid is topped correctly