TireRotation Toiro Drive Train Services

The drivetrain transfers power from the engine to all drive wheels evenly, also varies the amount of torque.

One of its component is the differential which is the mechanical component that spins both the left and right wheels, when a vehicle makes a turn it lets them rotate at different speeds.

Toiro Differential Service

The differential fluid provides lubrication to the internal components since heat, pressure and friction slowly breaks down the additives in the differential fluid.

Another important component are the transfer cases which are found on four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles. It is a gearbox that divides the transmission power output between the rear differential and the front differential.

Toiro Transfer Case Service

Transfer case fluid provides lubrication to its respective internal components.  Small particles of metal sometimes chip off the gears as they wear; these particles mixes with the fluid. Sometimes fluids also get contaminated with water.


What We Provide

Draining the old differential and transfer fluid

Refilling the differential with manufacturer recommended type and quantity of new fluid


Cleaning the possible related internal components

Refilling the transfer case with manufacturer’s recommended type and quantity of new fluid