Picture2 Toiro Cooling System ServicesWe are experts in heating cooling systems service and repair. When it comes to your radiator, or any other part of your car’s cooling system, TOIRO is the place to visit.

Our Services Include:

  • Inspection of your Radiator and Cooling Systems
  • While we flush and fill the cooling liquids, the hoses and radiator are checked for leaks and cracks, followed by a repair /replacement if needed
  • We check the coolant reservoir during every oil change
  • The pressure cap that’s taken off while the engine is still hot could result in severe burns from the spray of boiling coolant. Hence, leave it to TOIRO to perform such tasks
  • TOIRO checks your thermostat while inspecting of your cooling system
    We are heating and air conditioning experts, specializing in your vehicle’s entire HVAC system. Regular activities include flushing, filling the systems refrigerant, checking hoses and maintaining the heating core
  • We also inspect your cooling fan, making sure the drive belt, or fan belt is not loose or cracked. We also repair and replace damaged fans.


Cooling System

Radiator and Cooling System

  • Your vehicle’s performance also depends on your cooling system. An engine would become extremely hot and even begin to melt.
  • Cooling Fan: A cooling fan releases the engine heat into the surrounding while it circulates air through the radiator. If there is any malfunction, your engine can quickly overheat.
  • Pressure Cap: A pressure cap, also called the Radiator cap should be inspected at least once a year.

Antifreeze/Coolantment Service

  • Antifreeze has anti-freeze, anti-boil and anti-corrosive properties, which flows through your radiator and engine keeping everything working at the right temperature.
  • Coolant Reservoir: Indicates the level of coolant in the system.
  • Thermostat: This is a valve that regulates the flow of coolant based on coolant temperature. A poorly performing thermostat can result in overheating, engine knocking plus poor fuel economy .