Who We Are

If you have travelled in Mississauga, taken a route on Hurontario Street, chances are you’ve seen us. For over decades now, numerous cars have been serviced with the utmost care.

We started out in 2014 in Mississauga, Ontario. Little did the then quiet suburb of Mississauga know, that it was going to become one of the epicenter of the automobile revolution in Canada. The year marked the birth of the Toiro Car Care Centre.

We set out with an obsession for customer delight, one that was unheard in the corridors of automobile manufacturers then. We started out with an obsession for the best customer experience. It was and has always been about a sincere commitment to create the best value through innovative ideas, best-in-class quality, outstanding creativity, complete openness and continuous learning.

Today, TOIRO Car Care Centre alone services  12000 cars every year. That’s one car every 1 hour. It was about servicing cars that delivered great performance, highest efficiency and environment friendly with the most competitive cost. That’s clearly defines true value. We have stepped up with our vision to take on the fast lane.

Vehicles we service